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BodyWork : Barre Sculpt


YÌSĪ wellness

16 € for a single drop-in class, 70 € ClassPass 5 times (valid for 3 months)
150 € for a trimester : Sep-Dec ; Jan-March ; April-June
350 € for the whole programme: Sep-June
Possibility of paying in installments

Début des cours le 14 septembre / Class starts on September 14

*Cours découverte gratuit le samedi 9 septembre à 16h
*FREE open day trial class on Saturday 9 Sep, 4pm

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FR: *Je serais plus qu'heureuse de vous expliquer tous les détails en français si vous le souhaitez. Merci de me contacter.*

You want results? So do I. This body sculpt project works because it includes:

  • Weekly group class of 45mins
  • Free access to an online video library
  • Your personalised nutrition plan
  • Monthly private session of 30mins (zoom)
  • Exclusive community group to keep motivation & accountability

This unique whole year programme is designed for who wants to…

  • Get in shape with REAL results
  • Build deep strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Feel energised, challenged and empowered
  • Looking for a holistic approach in health and fitness
  • Ready for a change in body composition, nutrition and the whole lifestyle
  • Enjoy classes in English 😉

You can expect the in-person classes give you a complete workout with dynamic strength exercises, cardio bursts and fiery sequencing for fast results in under 45mins a day. You’ll alternate between targeted, total-body and endurance workouts to light up your muscles, build deep strength, and leave your feeling worked.

I also give a class of Yoga Flow : Energy & Balance every friday from 12:30 to 13:30.

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