FitFlow Iris
Jeudi 11h–12h

Yoga FitFlow

YÌSĪ wellness

15 € le cours
50 € le mois

I’m Iris - originally from China, been learning and teaching yoga all around the world for the past 10 years. I’m fully certified with Yoga Alliance (USA); as well as a certified nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition (Canada).

In Allegria from March to June, I will introduce Yoga Fit Flow to whoever’s looking for a bit of extra fun and motivation for their yoga practice; or simply want to bring their training to the next level. Fit Flow has all those things you love about vinyasa: fluid moves, buildable postures, dynamic rhythm. Designed to work on every part of our bodies, each of my classes is different yet connected to each other; they work together to build essential strength and improve body mobility. Generally, you are expecting them all at intermediate level with beginner-friendly modifications and occasionally advanced pose tutorial. Apart from the above, my class is creative and level-conscious; all about personal connection and uplifting vibes.

Classes are mainly given in English and the teacher (me) is currently learning French if her brain has the capacity...

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