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Linocut Printing Workshops - Duo colour

Chuchu Briquet

65 € - Duo colour linocut printing
(55 € - Introduction to linocut printing)

I’m a Taiwanese-born artist/ printmaker based in Toulouse. I received a master’s degree in fashion design at Central Saint Martins in my 20s and have been working in the creative industry ever since. My goal is to share my artistic experiences with the international and local community in Toulouse, and to meet everyone who craves to create!

I'm currently offering two different types of printing workshops, the first one "Introduction to linocut printing", is aimed at beginners who want to learn simple linocut techniques in a fun and friendly atmosphere! The second one "Duo colour linocut printing", is designed for those who have already had the basic technique in mono colour printmaking and want to learn to make a linocut print with two or more colours by using multiple lino blocks.

1. Introduction to linocut printing
- 08 July, 10h - 17h
- 12 August, 10h - 17h

2. Duo colour linocut printing
- 24 June, 10h - 18h
- 22 July, 10h - 18h

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